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Benny Lo is Night-Dragon, a vigilante in Hong Kong.

Originally the bodyguard to Triad Leader Tiger One-Eye, Benny Lo would leave the Triad to go into business with his best friend and Partner Johnny Chang, after his father Lo Pao died in an apparent chemical fire. After finding Johnny dead and getting no help from his Uncle Chun Yee, the Police Chief of Hong Kong, and the police or the Triad he decided he had to find Johnny's killer himself by walking in the shadow between justice and vengeance. After seeing Batman having a secret meeting with Chief Yee he follows him to his next meeting with Tiger One-Eye, impressed at how Batman was able to stand up to the gang leader despite his reputation. Benny followed Batman back to the hotel that Bruce Wayne is staying at, but soon realized that he would not go out when the sun was up, spending the following day preparing his own costume to follow Batman's example.

Making his introduction to Batman when the visiting vigilante found himself overwhelmed by his unknown enemy's henchmen, Night-Dragon soon impressed Batman with his combat skills, subsequently providing Batman with information about his family history to explain the tension between the police and the criminals. As both sides tried to find the person responsible for the murders, matters came to a head when Benny's lover Angela was abducted by the unknown killer, with Batman and Night-Dragon only just managing to rescue her.

The interrupted murder prompted the unknown foe to reveal his true identity as the badly-burned Lo Pao, who believed that his brothers had killed him and covered up the crime respectively while his son had done nothing. When his mother came to the station to admit her responsibility, Benny's uncles agreed to an alliance to save the city, culminating in a showdown between Benny and his father that ended with Benny throwing his father off a roof. The subsequent explosion killed Lo Pao before he could disperse the toxin he had intended to release, while Benny decided to go underground until he could work out Night-Dragon's next move now that the threat of his father was out of the way.



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