Berenice Yoon Milonas was born with the ability to see spirits. She often hide her abilities. As people would not believe that she was communicating with the dead, which often led to her being ostracized. She started a relationship with a man named Nathan and they eventually moved to Glencourt Manor. Berenice began a friendship with a non-binary woman named Sam. They would often spend time together. One night Boston Brand came to Glencourt Manor. He alerts Berenice that there's a ghost and a malevolent spirit at the manor. They deduce that the ghost is Adelia Ruskin. They are able to summon her. They ask her is she knows anything about the malevolent spirit, she has trouble remembering what happened that night.[1] Adelia reveals she has trouble remembering her past, Boston probes her mind and realizes she was murdered, though is unaware of who her killer was. Berenice goes into town where she researches the history of Adelia and the manor. She discovers that Adelia disappeared in the nearly finished manor, on her wedding night. She suspects Adelia's husband murdered her, but is unable to find definitive proof. Sam accompanies her back to the manor. Nathan announces that he is finished with his book and proposes to Berenice. Adelia inadvertently transforms into the malevolent spirit and attacks Nathan.[2] Boston is able to calm her down and she reverts to her previous form. Nathan takes a rest. Berenice tells Sam about her ability to see and talk to the dead. They all decide to search Nathan's study and discover he has many spell books. Nathan comes in and is angry. He tries to stab Sam, but he is stabbed instead. He reveals that he's immortal and attempts to attack Sam again, however Boston possess him. Boston sees his memories and reveals that Nathan is actually the husband of Adelia. He used a spell to make himself immortal, by killing his wife. Adelia transforms into the malevolent spirit again and attacks the possessed Edward. Berenice causes a fire, intending to burn down the manor. Boston forces Edward to stay in the house, leading to him being burn to death. As a result Adelia's spirit is able to move on to the afterlife. Boston comments that Berenice and Sam will make a good couple. Berenice implies that she will likely start dating Sam soon. Boston senses that someone needs help and bids Berenice a farewell.[3]


In an interview creator Sarah Vaughn stated that Berenice is a queer woman[4]



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