Bernal Rojas, alias Bushmaster was a Venezuelan herpetologist and now the Venezuela's premier superhero, who was recruited into the international crime fighting team the Global Guardians.

He invented gadgets that mimic the abilities of reptiles. He helped Batman and Robin dismantle a bomb in Venezuela and hunt down a criminal on one occasion.

The Global Guardians was appointed to protect Paris during the Appellaxian invasion of Earth, this was the largest theater's of battle during the entire war with the alien invaders.

After many years service with the team Bushmaster and his fellow Global Guardians were brainwashed by Queen Bee to become the nation of Bialya's own superhero team. To keep the team in the public eye Queen Bee has the the team sent to work with the Justice League Europe fight an invading alien robot. Queen Bee by had the robot created by a member of the Dominators. During the fight, Bushmaster shows his chameleon technology and shield.[1]

Sumaan Harjavti the brother of the previous leader Colonl Rumaan Harjavti, decides to take back the leadership of Bialya. The Justice League infiltrated the country and confronted the Global Guardians.[2] An accident kills Little Mermaid, and the Justice League are blamed. while other members of the League arrive to help the international incident.Sumaan destroys the brainwashing facility, killing many innocent civilians. Ice manages to save most of the Global Guardians and the Justice League and the civilians. The team eventually regain control of their own minds and help in the battle against Queen Bee. Godiva herself suffers lacerations, but is alive and well after the battle. The Queen herself is shot and killed by Sumaan, who then usurps the leadership of the country.[3]

The Global Guardians eventually break up, but it's during this departure they are attacked by Fain Y'onia. This particular battle ends in his retreat, not before killing Bushmaster [4]



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