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Bernard Dowd is an old friend and former classmate of Tim Drake. He is obsessed with the heroics of Robin and subsequently followed in his footsteps with martial arts training, unaware that the Robin he was obsessed with is Tim himself. Recently, Bernard and Tim have reconnected and begun dating.[1]


Bernard was raised in a household where his parents had high expectations that he never seemed to meet, preferring fun and video games to schoolwork; for unknown reasons they also disapproved of his schoolmate Tim, who used to visit him.[2] At some point, Bernard and Tim drifted apart and had not seen each other since before Tim's adoption by Bruce Wayne.[3]

Children of Dionysus

After high school, an aimless Bernard fell victim to the "Children of Dionysus", a Gotham City cult that engaged in painful activities for "enlightenment" and abducted vulnerable teens attracted to their message. By the time he finally reconnected with Tim, the latter had become similarly restless and struggling with sense of self, breaking up with his ex-girlfriend and burying himself in his work while operating as Robin in the current one's absence. The two arranged to meet at a restaurant and catch up, but the reunion was interrupted by the "Chaos Monster", an operative of the cult, which incapacitated Tim and kidnapped Bernard.[3]

After tracking down the cult undercover and going through its entrance trial, Tim was allowed to meet the Chaos Monster and his associates.[2] Tim joined a meeting where the Chaos Monsters were about to sacrifice Bernard, interrupted the ceremony as Robin and freed him. Although Robin tried to make him leave for his own safety, Bernard proved himself to be a capable fighter and together they took down all cult members present, a partnership that Tim finds he enjoys. During the fight, Bernard told Robin to tell Tim Drake that he would have liked to "continue their date" in case he didn't make it out alive. He felt that it was Tim who helped him realise his "true self", which in turn caused Tim to finally confront the nature of his own feelings for Bernard.

After freeing the other kidnapped children, Tim had a conversation about his recent life choices with a detective who helped him realise that he didn't need to know everything he wanted out of life right now, encouraging him to "let go". Following this advice, he sought out Bernard a few days later and the two decided to go on another date, eager to figure things out together.[1]


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Although the full extent of his skill is unknown, Bernard has proven himself to be a capable fighter, able to help take down Chaos Monsters with enhanced strength while also exhibiting a solid understanding of stance and technique.[1]