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Bernard Emil Morlock is the Bug-Eyed Monster, an enemy of Superboy who can transform himself into monsters.

Morlock was born to an average family living in Hilo, Hawaii. He was born with blue skin and pale white hair, giving him a freakish appearance, and so had few, if any, friends. This caused a deep resentment and bitterness within him.

As a teenager, Morlock realized that he had somehow acquired the metahuman ability to transform himself into any kind of monster he could visualize, either beasts from ancient history (such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex) or legendary ones like werewolves, or fictional ones from popular movies. Using these powers, he became B.E.M. The acronym is not only his initials, but also an abbreviation of the term "bug-eyed monster", and thus a double pun. As B.E.M., Morlock attacked the city of Hilo, and was stopped only when Superboy arrived to battle him. During their fight, Morlock was hit by Superboy while in mid-transformation and knocked into the ocean, which caused Morlock to change into a water-being and apparently dissipate.

Morlock did not die, however, and returned some weeks later to menace Honolulu, HI with a new rampage. This violent session was stopped by Superboy and his ally at the time, Knockout, and the two managed to get Morlock to come to his senses and surrender to the authorities.

Due to his age, Morlock was not tried as an adult. Although the details of his trial and conviction have not been made public, it is believed that he is currently being held at a S.T.A.R. Labs facility in California for study of his powers and psychiatric counseling.


  • Transformation: Can transform himself into any kind of monster, real or fictional.