Quote1 You're skinny as a Bowstring Mr. Jones, hmmph, Bowstring Jones...How'd you like to be my Aide-De-Camp Bowstring? Quote2
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Bernell "Bowstring" Jones was a reporter for the Star City Post-Times-Herald in Star City.

He was the husband and sidekick of the archer heroine Bonnie King aka Miss Arrowette. They met when she left her mother to strike on her own she met Bernell Jones and they became friend and appointed him her sidekick. She said told him "you're skinny as a Bowstring Mr. Jones, hmmph, Bowstring Jones... How'd you like to be my Aide-De-Camp Bowstring?". The pair began a short career fighting crime stopping various robberies in Star City. A short time after that, she got a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome and had to quit her superhero hobby. Having nothing better to do, she ended up marrying Bernell and a year later, their daughter Suzanne "Cissie" King-Jones was born.[1]

Bernell and his family lived a happy life that is until he ate some bad shellfish and died. Bonnie received lots of money from the insurance delivered by Hal Jordan himself, back when he worked for Evergreen Insurance, and decided to use it to train Cissie and turn her into a superhero, just to live all her frustrated dreams through the poor girl.[2]




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