Animal Man was a hero that was active prior to Superman Regime. Following the Regime's five year run and subsequent fall, Animal Man joined the League of Assassins, working with Ra's al Ghul to organize a mass extinction of the human race to create a new start for the planet.

When Batman and his team infiltrated Ra's al Ghul's base in the Amazon Rainforest, Animal Man was apparently killed when El Diablo exploded. Animal Man was one of the few people not shielded by the blast. [1] However he was later revealed to be alive and working with the League of Assassins at Gorilla City. Furthermore, neither he nor Vixen were aware that Ra's had launched Amazo against the town of Williams Arizona, slaughtering all of its residents.[2] After rebelling against Ra's al ghul alongside Vixen, Damian Wayne, and Jason Todd, he was captured while trying to escape by Poison Ivy, and swiftly shot in the head.[3]




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