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Bernie Wrightson (b. October 27, 1948 – d.March 19, 2017) was a writer.

Professional History

Bernie Wrightson is an American illustrator. He began his career in comic books in 1969 working for DC Comics on the title House of Mystery. Later on, he worked on titles as Spectre, Showcase, The Witching Hour and many more horror-styled comic books. He is probably best known for creating the character Swamp Thing along with Len Wein.

Wrightson's latest work was for Dark Horse Comics on the title Eerie.

Personal History

Wrightson retired from the comic book industry in January 2017, due to health issues following brain surgery and passed away just a few months later, on March 19.

Work History


  • Early in his career, Wrightson often spelled his first name "Berni" instead of "Bernie".

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