Bethanie Ravencroft was a psychologist of Gotham City, and a member of the ARGUS Club, a group that worked for the League of Assassins.

During her days as a psychologist, she created a program designed to erase the criminal behavior in humans. Among her patients in this test was a girl named Margaret Sorrow, a kleptomaniac. Years later, Bruce Wayne visited her office in hopes of finding her connection to a new criminal on the streets, Magpie. Upon meeting her, Bruce instantly noticed similarities to Bethanie and Magpie. Under the guise of needing a mental evaluation, Bethanie had a strict professional relationship with Bruce.

Just before the first attack of Metamorpho, Bethanie met Bruce on the streets, intent on starting a romantic relationship, and so he would join her for a fundraiser. While Bruce stepped away for a call during their dinner, Bethanie answered a text, showing it was an act on someone's orders.

During the episode Family, Bruce, having faked a falling out with both Tatsu and Alfred to test Tatsu, finally agreed to go to the Argus Club with Bethanie. It is here, her true allegiance is revealed to be with Silver Monkey, with the intent on blackmailing Tatsu for the Soultaker Sword by taking Bruce hostage. While Tatsu did show up, so did Lady Shiva, infuriated that Silver Monkey was trying to usurp the League. After she reclaims the sword, Lady Shiva uses it to take Bethanie's soul, leaving her body a husk.



  • Crossbow



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