Beulah is the older sister of Klarion the Witch-Boy.

Beulah lived a quiet life assisting her mother Charity, until one day when the Sheeda began appearing in her native Limbo Town. The Submissionaries who ran the town, believing that the Sheeda had come to punish the town for wickedness, immediately purged the citizenry of troublemakers, which included Beulah and Klarion's stepfather Ezekial. The purge in turn left the town defenseless when businessman Melmoth arrived in a giant sapper drill, intending to strip-mine Limbo Town, and only the actions of Klarion drove Melmoth away. Since then, Beulah and her mother have been occupied trying to put the town back together.


Beulah is skilled in the use of dark magics. She also has a mental link with her draaga (familiar), an owl, and can use this link to see through the owl's eyes.



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