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Fiona Webb was the fiancée of Barry Allen after the death of his first wife.

Beverly Lewis was originally from Corlyville in Central Idaho. She moved to a big city straight out of high school and started working for Ross Malverk. Malverk was a corrupt businessman and gang leader, and Beverly accidentally witnessed him killing an associate. She testified against her employer and as a result, Malverk was sent away. Beverly was granted a new life - as Fiona Webb in Central City. Far beyond normal witness protection, she also received hypnotic suggestions to surpress the traumatic memories.

When she met her new neighbor in Utopia Towers, she mistook him for Malverk. It was actually Barry Allen, who just looked like him. He investigated the case as the Flash. After being filled in by King Faraday about the case and Malverk's escape from prison, he stopped Malverk's attempts to assassinate him.[1]

Fiona and Barry became friends and eventually lovers. Their wedding was interrupted by Professor Zoom. When Zoom threatened to kill Fiona as he had Barry's first wife, Iris, Barry killed him.


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