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Bia is one of the Amazons of Themyscira.

Bia is one of the five new Amazons that sprung from the Well of Souls in the modern era centuries after Nubia, the current queen of the Amazons, who had been the last until then.[2]

Before being reborn as an Amazon, Bia went through male puberty but has now reincarnated as her true self.[3] As these new Amazons have no memories of their past lives, Bia can't explain it yet, but she feels her soul desired this exact moment long before she was reborn there.[2]

During the activities to discover the abilities of the new Amazons, Bia impressed the scribe Clio with the test of the Labyrinth Spheres, revealing to possess precognitive aptitude comparable to that of the seer Penelope.[2]