Bianca became an associate of Selena, some time prior to Selena acquiring the Omegahedron. It could be assumed that Bianca was also a student of Nigel, who originally taught Selena dark magic. Selena was a delusional woman who truly believed she would rule the world, whereas Nigel warned Selena such an idea was incredible. Bianca also seemed to share Nigel's voew, albeit in a less refined manner, simply believing Selena set herself upon a fool's errand, but it might be a lark should Selena actually succeed. In an abandoned amusement park where the ladies used as their lair, Bianca was seen horsing around on a child's train ride, much to the consternation of Selena, who wanted her to become more serious. Bianca also privately scoffed at Selena's plans to get Ethan, believing she better have some super spells to make a handsome young man become Selena's love slave, which was accurate as Ethan was surrounded by much younger women in his job as a janitor at Midvale School for Girls, and had fallen for Supergirl. At one point when Selena used the Omegahedron to make herself Queen of the World, with a brainwashed Ethan as her "prince consort", Bianca was seen alongside the pair. It was apparent that Bianca was the most loyal to Selena and the closest thing to a friend she had, as evidenced when Supergirl chided Selena that she had no friends; evidenced by Selena's attitude that people exist only to be her slaves. Despite her "comic relief" nature, Bianca remained loyal to Selena, which ultimately cost her heavily as she became trapped alongside her, when Selena was defeated by Supergirl.

  • Bianca was portrayed by Brenda Vaccaro.



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