Quote1.png If this is how you're going to behave with superpowers, mister, it is not acceptable. Quote2.png
Bianca Reyes src

Bianca Reyes is the mother of Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle.

Her son Jaime Reyes was almost a perfect son to her. When he suddenly disappeared she couldn't accept that he ran away from home willingly. His two best friends Brenda and Paco were hauled in and questioned by the police, with no result. Sometime later her husband was forced to use a cane when he walked as he was shot in his garage after stopping a fight between his colleague Luis and some strangers.

Then, a year later, her son returned home late one night. Jaime claimed he was only gone for a day helping Superman and the rest of the Justice League, aided by his newly found superpowers. She thought he was on drugs and demanded a real explanation. As a response Jaime fired up the scarab armor. But it only made the discontented hero worse, and, for a moment, she started to believe the alien had taken over her son. Her husband was able to calm her down but she was still worried about the nature of his armor. Soon afterward she took her son to the medical centre to have him X-rayed. Jaime was declared healthy and the scarab wasn't found on the x-ray photo's.




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