Quote1 You know the only difference between us, Red? You do this for the glory-- while I do it for the love. Quote2
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Bianca Steeplechase was a ruthless gangster also known as the Joker. During the dynamic duo's final case, Bianca framed Bruce Wayne for the murder of Selina Kyle, and killed Robin with a fatal kiss (tongue was dabbed with poison). With Bruce on the run from the law, and Barbara in desperate need of a partner before she goes on the verge of a mental breakdown, they become a team, with Bruce donning the bat mantle. As for Bianca Steeplechase, she's dead. All there's left is Mrs. Gregory Wilson, the new wife of the mayor.


  • Toxicology: Bianca has a penchant for poisoning her cosmetic products. She poisoned her nails and sliced at her enemies and even poisoned her lipstick to murder Robin.
  • Leadership: Bianca is a ruthless gang leader, coming up with schemes and plans to sew her influence and have her fun.
  • Singing: The night of Robin's murder, the Joker was singing to entertain a crowd of onlookers.
  • In Bianca's first on panel appearance she names herself as Blanca Steeplechase, a misspelling of Bianca.
  • Bianca is in a relationship with Harley Quinn, while Bianca is also married to the mayor of Gotham City under her alias. The Joker, a mysterious character with equally strange motives, is not tied down by regular rules and as such the nature of her relationships is open to question.



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