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Quote1.png I have exterminated worse rodents than you in the fire pits of Apokolips. Quote2.png
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Big Barda is an Apokoliptian warrior who is a member of Justice League Unlimited.

During an escape artist practice session of Mister Miracle's, Oberon was kidnapped by Granny Goodness. Granny blackmailed Barda and Scott into freeing Kalibak from Virman Vundabar in the X-Pit, captured during the Apokolips Civil War. Scott and Barda originally requested the help of Superman through the Justice League; they were declined due to Superman being on mission in space. Despite Barda's objections, they eventually agreed to take the Flash to help. After arriving on Apokolips, they freed Kalibak from Virman Vundabar; Kalibak destroyed the pit to cover his escape. During the destruction, the trio managed to escape and replace Kalibak with shape-shifter J'onn J'onzz, who tricked Granny Goodness into giving away the location of Oberon. Barda gave Granny one final punch before she left for New Genesis.

Barda and JLU distrust Batman

Some years later, she joined up with the Justice League Unlimited as a full-time member. One event during her tenure on the team involved an unknown traitor within the League. Barda and Warhawk suspected the traitor to be the Batman, but the traitor was in fact Superman, who had been taken over by the alien Starro.[2][3]






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