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Big Barda was a New God, married to Mister Miracle. The duo resided on Earth.

Big Barda as a New God from Apokolips who married Scott Free after escaping to Earth and gave birth to a son named Jacob. She also became a superhero on Earth along with Scott, who came to be known as "Mister Miracle". After finding out that Cyborg had been kidnapped by Darkseid, Superman went to Barda and Scott for help. The two agreed to accompany in rescuing Cyborg from Apokolips due to their familiarity with the place.[1][2]

As the Anti-Life virus started turning people into the Anti-Living, she went to the ruins of Apokolips along with Scott, in order to find out whether Darkseid had really died. Being unable to find him, they assumed he was and went back to Earth. Mister Terrific discovered that the virus originated from Apokolips and went to their home when they returned to Earth. After finding out from them that the planet was destroyed, he went along with them to the Kord Industries headquarters. The three rescued Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from the Anti-Living, before detailing their plan to them about using magic to stop the virus.[3]

Arriving at Liverpool in Blue Beetle's Bug, they rescued John Constantine from a horde of Anti-Living, before trying to recruit him in order to undo the virus. John however stated that magic couldn't stop it and rejected helping them in figuring out a way, instead going to the Oblivion Bar. This caused Mister Terrific to use his other plan - using Booster's time machine stored at the home of Fire and Ice in Malibu. Arriving near their battered home, Barda realized that Ice and Fire must have fought with the Anti-Living there. Blue Beetle's Bug was soon hit by the infected Fire and crash landed into the building.[3]

Barda and Scott decided to hold off the horde of Anti-Living at the house, in order to give others the chance of using the time machine, but the two soon found themselves outnumbered. Saying last words to each other before being overwhelmed, they shared a final kiss.[3] Scott was however able to flee due to his knack of escaping,[1] while Barda was infected. She soon busted into the room where the heroes and Constantine were confronting the Waverider, who had come to stop them from messing with the timeline. Barda attacked Constantine, before being stopped by Mister Terrific, whom she tore up in half. She later infected Blue Beetle, but the lone survivor Constantine was rescued by Doctor Fate and Zatanna.[3]

At some point after Scott escaped he captured Barda and moved her to a habitable moon near Alpha Centauri. Years later he returned with the cure to discover that she'd escaped her chains. She briefly attacked Scott before she was injected with the cure by the new Superman. When she was back to normal, she was confused, wondering how long was she part of the Anti-Living and asking about Jacob before returning with Scott to Gotham Jungle.[4]





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