Big Barda was a member of the Female Furies under the command of Darkseid.

Barda encountered Scott Free wandering past curfew, warning him not to ever do it again.

The Furies were on the Killisium in presence of the brutal Kalibak, worrying that one of them may be the next to fight him. And after the Superman slaughtered Kalibak and became the new champion, she watched at him with intrigue and passion.[2]

Barda was sent to Earth in order to find the surviving Genesisians when she came across Kal-El, commanding him to return to Apokolips with her, to which he reluctantly agreed. But before their return, Kal-El was in the search of his armor when both him and Barda were ambushed.[1]

Barda survived, however, and returned to Apokolips were she came to the aid of Superman who wanted to return to Earth and stop Darkseid, deciding to Boom Tube there even with Barda's objections.

After Darkseid's defeat, Barda is now at the side of Apokolips' savior Superman, peacefully ruling together the now living planet and giving freedom to it's people, and together they will return the life to New Genesis.[3]





  • Apokoliptian Scepter: A weapon that fires powerful beams of energy.[1] (Formerly)



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