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Quote1.png She was a queen of death, a warrior possessed... and a mother to be. Quote2.png
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Big Breeda was an Apokoliptian warrior who mothered Big Barda.

On Apokolips, one warrior was assigned to train the giant dogs of war, and was named "Goodness". Another was selected to be the mother of the next generation of warriors, and was named "Big Breeda". However, during her time on the battlefield, Breeda fell in love with an unapproved warrior, and bore his child. The hour of birth was marked by a rising of the Dreggs, the undead Old Gods of the Third World. Breeda was on the front lines at the time, and so she named the child with the old word for one born on a battlefield - "Barda". She initially tried to keep Barda a secret, but was eventually discovered. Darkseid had given Barda to Goodness and when Breeda tried to stop her, Goodness killed her old friend.[1]