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Bilbat is Capmarv, the champion of Shaz! in the 30th Century.

In 1943, Billy Batson makes a trip into the future. He arrives in the year 2943 and meets Bilbat, his own descendant. Billy soon discovers that Bilbat has inherited the mantle of Captain Marvel. Bilbat says the magic word, "Shaz!", and becomes Capmarv the 30th Century champion of Shazam. However, it quickly become apparent that Capmarv is not quite the same as his 20th Century counterpart. First, he cannot fly. Second, he is extremely cowardly. Eventually, Billy and Bilbat figure out that the problem is Capmarv's magic word. By shortening "Shazam" to "Shaz", Bilbat is denied access to the gifts bestowed by the last two of the elders who empower the Marvel Family, Achilles and Mercury. When Bilbat shouts the full magic word, "Shazam", he is able to fly and is no longer a coward. Billy soon returns to his own time, leaving the 30th Century in the capable hands of Capmarv.




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