Quote1 Garsh! … How did I ever get into THIS? Quote2
Bill the Magnificent src


Something that Bill doesn't know is that when he says the words "Jeepers Creepers," he immediately but temporarily becomes MAGNIFICENT. And without thinking about it, Bill says those words pretty often. At these times, he's stronger, smarter, more confident, more persuasive, more everything.


  • He can swat a bullet right out of the air with the palm of his hand.[1]
  • He can out-box a professional prizefighter and a giant gorilla, one right after the other.[2]


Bill doesn't know that a sock on the head will make him forget all about being magnificent.

  • Bill's girlfriend Peggy finds these drastic fluctuations in Bill's levels of confidence, competence, bravery, and intelligence to be unbelievably exasperating.
  • Bill the Magnificent ran from Hit Comics #25 thru Hit Comics #34.

Bill dresses exactly like Johnny Thunder, in a green suit with a red bow tie.



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