Bill Mumy (b. February 1, 1954) is a writer.

Personal History

Bill Mumy is a writer, actor and musician. Father of Liliana Mumy.

Work History

Acting Credits

The Flash 1990-1991 Roger Braintree
     "Good Night, Central City" May 4, 1991 Roger Braintree
Superboy 1988-1992 Tommy Puck
     "A Change of Heart, Part I" October 6, 1991 Tommy Puck
     "A Change of Heart, Part II" October 13, 1991 Tommy Puck
     "Obituary for a Super Hero" April 26, 1992 Tommy Puck
Batman: The Animated Series 1992-1995 The Fox/Warren Lawford
     "The Terrible Trio" September 11, 1995 The Fox/Warren Lawford

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