Shazam was a member of the Justice League.

Billy Batson first appeared attending Victor Stone's football game. He managed to sneak past a employee to get in by pretending to be the grandson of an elderly couple. Once in, he went and sat in Dr. Stone's seat (Victor's father, who didn't attend the game). Later, he went into the locker-room were he met and talked to Victor, and stole his uniform.

Later, Billy tried to sneak back into his house, but was caught by two of his friends. Billy then later went to the kitchen to get a glass to drink, but heard something outside. Using a bat for a weapon, Billy walked outside where a Parademon attempted to apprehend him. But he struck it with the bat right as he said "Shazam!" and transformed into Shazam (AKA Captain Marvel). He then flies off into the sky. He later goes to star labs, where he meets up again with Victor Stone, but by this point in time he sees that Victor has now been transformed into a Cyborg.

Billy introduces himself as he finally meets the rest of the heroes. However, they all soon begin to battle against Darkseid. After Darkseid attempted to destroy them with a Flash Bang, Shazam helped Wonder-Woman and the other five fight off the Parademons and incapacitate Darkseid's eyes. Later, when Cyborg managed to create a portal to send Darkseid back to Apikolyps, The Captain used his magic lightning to charge the device that activated the worm holes to stop Darkseid from coming out again.

He then flies unconscious (as Billy Batson again) down but is caught by Cyborg. Victor then places him on a deck connected to an apartment where Victor promises not to tell the other members of the team of Billy's true identity, and the two establish a friendship (more or less). Later, Shazam returns to the team to be honored at the white house by the president. Also, at the end of the president's speech, he tells the commander-in-chief that the teams name is "The Super-Seven", causing the others to groan.



  • Missing Limb: Billy lost his leg in a battle against Darkseid's Paradooms, and had to replace his lost leg with a artificial construct made of lightning magic. [1]
  • Partial Blindness: A Paradoom damaged Billy's one eye.[2]



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