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Billy Batson is Shazam, the champion of the Wizard.

Early life

Billy is the son of C.C. and Marilyn Batson. He was born when his mother was seventeen and married the child's father soon after. It was a rocky and brief marriage; C.C. ended up in jail and Marilyn was cut off by her family. She struggled to raise Billy as a single mother in Philadelphia, though she tried to give him all she could.

Billy was separated from his mother at the Christmas Village. Billy was found by the police and Marilyn decided the foster system could take better care of him than she ever could. She started using her maiden name again and started a new life, never mentioning she had a son.

Billy Batson in the subway.

Billy was raised by the foster system in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and quickly gained a reputation as a problem child. He ran away, always searching for his real family, and never emotionally attached to any "fake family". His search brought him in problems the police. He kept searching, looking up all women named Batson in the right age range. It never occurred to him that noone ever came looking for him.

Victor and Rosa Vasquez, themselves veterans of foster care, decided to take in Billy. Billy did not appreciate the bonding attempts of his new foster brothers and sisters.[2]


After saving his foster brother Freddy as he was being assaulted by bullies outside of school, Billy ran from said bullies until escaping inside the subway train. The train came to a stop in a weird location, and as Billy walked out to it, he was greeted by an elderly wizard, who had chosen him to be his champion after his selfless act. Following the wizard's instructions, Billy touched his scepter and said his name, "Shazam", which made him be struck by a lightning and become a muscular adult in a caped suit. Billy awakened back in the subway, and after it stopped, he ran back to his foster home to ask for Freddy's help, finding him the only one who could aid given Freddy's fandom of superheroes.[2]

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