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Quote1.png I saw Billy Batson's eyes when the virus took hold of him. I was the one who locked him away. I couldn't let Shazam's powers be taken away by the Anti-Life Equation. Quote2.png
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Billy Batson was the superhero known as Shazam, before being infected by the Anti-Life Equation.

Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield were orphan children imbued with various powers of gods and champions, which they could activate by shouting the word "Shazam". Both used their power for helping people. When the Anti-Life Equation started turning people into the Anti-Living, the two were in a Bludhaven orphanage. Billy was infected in his normal state and Mary locked him up with the other Anti-Living.[1]

The group of villains called "Unkillables" showed up some time later at the orphanage and convinced Jim Gordon to allow them to kill all the Anti-Living. As they opened the door to the room where the undead were locked, Red Hood was shocked upon finding Billy and stated he knew him, before soon stating it didn't matter. They then proceeded to gun all the undead down.[2]




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