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When young Billy Batson says the magical word "Shazam" he becomes the world's mightiest mortal Captain Marvel.

Chosen by the mystical wizard, Shazam, Billy Batson is the champion of magic and a force for good. Together with his Marvel Family: Mary Marvel, Captain Marvel, Jr., Uncle Marvel, Tawky Tawny, Hill Marvel, Fat Marvel, and Tall Marvel, Billy fights evils like Doctor Sivana and the Sivana Family as well as the villainous Monster Society of Evil.

When Doctor Sivana, Captain Marvel's worst enemy, attacked the Rock of Eternity and threatened to use his suspendium to take over the universe, Billy Batson became Captain Marvel and fought off Sivana's forces until the eighth day ran out and he could win the day.



  • It is unknown if this Captain Marvel and Billy Batson are the same person. On Earth-S, Captain Marvel and Billy Batson were separate people and once one was called the other took a back seat. On New Earth, Captain Marvel and Billy Batson were the same person and Billy assumed an adult's body while still having his usual mental maturity.



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