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At some point in time, Billy became the student of Shazam the Wizard, the guardian of the Rock of Eternity, keeping the powers of magic in balance and guarding the earthrealm from banished Djinn. Billy was granted the powers of magic in a ritual of saying Shazam's name, achieving divine empowerement akin to that of Shazam's previous student, Black Adam, who was banished away to the farthest corners of the universe for his pride. Adam eventually returned to the Rock of Eternity, aiming to take his revenge on the Wizard, seizing his throne. Shazam summoned Billy when he was about to level up in a video game, and urged to say his name and take the divine powers to fight against Black Adam, but the villainous sorcerer used a sphere to take over Shazam's magic for himself. His powers doubled, Black Adam dethroned his old master and took Billy hostage, then released the ancient Djinns upon the Earth. As Shazam walked upon the Earth, trying to return to the Rock, he was assisted by Gotham City vigilante Batman. Together, Shazam and Batman fought against Black Adam and managed to release the source of Billy's powers, while Shazam took his throne back and banished Black Adam to the ancient times. Black Adam would wait for thousands of years to come back to the present, finally released by the Djinn. Adam overpowered members of the Justice League, until Batman returned with a backup plan, flying Billy to the site of Adam's rise. Billy took on Shazam's powers once again and managed to overpower Black Adam, allowing him and the other League members to imprison the dark wizard once again.


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Billy in his untransformed form.



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