Billy Batson was a star reporter for station WIZZ-TV, chosen by the Wizard Shazam to fight evil. Captain Marvel, has the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles and the speed of Mercury.



  • He will continue in his mortal form if he can't be striken by his mystical lightning (being unable to talk, or if the energy is deflected or absorbed).

  • First appearance of Captain Marvel/Billy Batson in animations.
  • When openly being an orphan in the comics, it is implicitly shown that this version of Billy Batson is also so (the fact that he is a minor living with his "uncle", sister and friend). It is not known whether this Captain Marvel began his career during the 1940s or if he was stuck in Suspendium; It seems that he began his heroic acts in more recent times.



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