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Billy Batson was granted the ability to become Captain Marvel by saying "Shazam!" by the Elders. He now roams the Earth with his mentor, 'righting wrongs, developing understanding, and seeking justice for all'.[1]


Captain Marvel first encountered the female super hero Isis when two kids were trapped in a forrest fire. Mentor went to get Andrea Thomas, and Andrea became Isis and went to help Captain Marvel. Isis arrived, and together, she and Captain Marvel put out the fire and saved the kids.[2]

Isis Again

Captain Marvel next encountered the female super hero Isis when low self-esteemed student, Carrie Anson pulled one of her stunts to get people to like her, by stealing Rick Mason's speedboat. Captain Marvel and Isis had to team up to tow the boat back to shore, where Isis comforted and lectured the girl.[3]




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