Billy Lawler was a former musician and the brother of Manhunter.

Billy got into music with his little brother Chase. Billy was signed to a big record deal by unscrupulous executives Stanshall and McHenry. They transformed Billy into Billy Lawless and made him a huge star; they also got him hooked on women and drugs. When fads changed, they cut Billy from his contract and left him strung out and broke. Chase took him in and cared for him. When Chase summoned the primordial Wild Huntsman, Dr. Malig convinced Billy that for his life to have purpose, he must convince Chase to go all the way. Billy ran to Chase but the Huntsman caught Billy and planned to kill him slowly. Billy told his brother he had to go all the way; Chase knew this meant killing him. Chase made the death quick and by stealing prey from the Huntsman, he took on the beast's powers becoming the Manhunter.[1]

Necrodyne Industries claimed Billy's lifeless body from the streets.[2] They reanimated Billy's corpse as a hulking zombie called Lawless hoping the sight of him would paralyze Manhunter with guilt. Manhunter was able to dispatch the monstrosity with some help from Scarth.[3]


  • Music Billy was a famous musician known as Billy Lawless.




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