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Quote1 Seattle is our town. And the only way we're gonna keep it that way is if we put all our differences aside and work together. Ya feel me? Quote2
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Billy Tockman is a ruthless crimelord in Seattle and an enemy to Green Arrow known as Clock King.


Tockman once intended to be an engineer and worked for Queen Industries, but claims Robert Queen ruined his career by firing him and taking advantage of his research. He redirected his grudge against Robert to his son, Oliver, upon Robert's death.[1]

New 52

Clock King Prime Earth 0002

Clock King with his gang.

Tockman later became a gang leader who controls Seattle's waterfront and operates out of the Midnight Lounge. He decides to hold a meeting with other gang leaders at the Lounge, with the intention of beginning a truce between them, but Jin Fang and MacGowan are not as inclined as he is to agree on it. MacGowan suggests that instead of banding together, they let the police, or even the Green Arrow handle it.[2] In his spare time, he tinkers with clocks as a hobby. He is known to have previously worked with John Diggle.[3]

DC Rebirth

Tockman uses weaponized clocks and watches to attack his victims.[4] He tried to force Emiko to betray Green Arrow and succesfully kidnapped him but while he was torturing him Emiko showed up with a C4 vest strapped on herself and threatened to kill everyone if Clock King didn't set Oliver free, Tockman surrendered and was arrested.[1]

He was seen in Gotham City attempting to take on Batman, having gained an intricate knowledge of his fighting style from watching the news, only to be thwarted by Catwoman crashing through a window which he did not expect.[5]




  • Clocks
  • Watches

  • Green Arrow: The Kill Machine


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