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Billy the Girl was a beautiful—but certainly not delicate—bounty hunter who started out as the partner of Lynch at Bunsen's Bounty[1] before signing on with Tartan Quarantino's agency.

She once took on a job for Jonas Glim, accompanied also by Lobo and Layla, to take down the wanted Glim Gang led by Jonas' estranged outlaw father, Jeremiah Glim.[2]

She also attended Lobo's Armageddon Tour party, where a bunch of drunken bounty hunters gate-crashed Darkseid's vessel when he attempted to breach the Source Wall.[3]

She later partnered up with Lobo to take down the Shapeshifting Gang. Lobo's extraordinary sense of smell led them to Sheepworld, a theme park where the difficult targets hid amongst the large crowds of tourists and sheep. She won fifty credits from 'Bo in an impromptu bet and single-handedly took out one of the gang members with a comb.[4]




  • Sharpened Steel Comb: "No girl should ever be without one!"[4]


  • Bio-Implant Knuckleshox: Unnoticeable under the skin, Billy's punches are amplified by a high voltage charge.[5]
  • Sock Filled With Sand: Billy's blunt weapon of choice when she entered the Big Brawl.[6]

  • Billy's eye colour is highly contentious as Lobo (Volume 2) #41 depicts her with three different pigments in one issue. (Brown, green, and blue.) The only consistent, definable colour used is blue in Lobo (Volume 2) #37, which is an issue with dubious canon status due to it being a "guide book." They are blue again in Lobo (Volume 2) #56, but her hair is black.
  • Also in Lobo (Volume 2) #37, Billy seduces Lobo and they attempt to fornicate, but keep getting interrupted by vengeful outlaws. Because this issue is a "guide to girls," the canon status is uncertain. However, in Lobo (Volume 2) #55, Billy partnered up with Lobo and playfully referred to him as "loverboy" twice, as well as implying previous intimacy when he tackled her to the ground to save her from an explosion. It is implied, but not confirmed, that they were casual lovers. In Lobo (Volume 2) #56 Billy outright invites Lobo upstairs for sex, however this takes place in a dream.



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