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"The Red League": Two years ago, Black Canary and her Red League disrupted a human trafficking ring just in time to save one slave girl from an imminent death on account of her resistance. Dinah freed the girls, and had them ushered a wa

Quote1 Step into the light and show me your face, you would-be Ra's al Ghul! Prove it's you... and maybe I'll let your assassins live. Quote2
Bête Noire

Birds of Prey: Futures End #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2014. It was published on September 10, 2014.

Synopsis for "The Red League"

Two years ago, Black Canary and her Red League disrupted a human trafficking ring just in time to save one slave girl from an imminent death on account of her resistance. Dinah freed the girls, and had them ushered a way, focusing in particular on that girl in particular. When the slavers rushed out to take back their assets, Dinah gave the girl ear-plugs and warned her to stay back. She unleashed a Canary Cry that dropped the thugs to the floor in agony. The Red League then broke their hands to keep them from using weapons any time soon.

Afterwards, Dinah explained that the League would see that all of the girls got medical attention and then they would have the option to return to their families or find a new start with the League's help. However, Dinah admitted that she'd heard the guards talking about this particular girl, and offered her the chance to join the Red League, to be educated and trained, and to bring justice to others like her. Gratefully, the girl agreed, and Dinah christened her as Xi.

Two years later, Xi has excelled in her training. Dinah observed her with pride until she was interrupted with news that the man behind the largest human trafficking ring in Gotham is Paul Howe III. After years of searching, their efforts have paid off at last, and it is time for the Red League to cut the head off of the snake.

Howe lives on the outskirts of the city in a vast mansion, protected by armed guards and the best security systems. Tonight, though, he will be prey. Dinah has her people hijack the surveilance equipment and jam cellphone frequencies in the area. Then, the Red League stealthily sneaks onto the property with the knowledge that their stealth will not last long, and Howe will soon know they are there. However, things go awry quickly when Bête Noire intercedes, challenging Dinah to come out and face her. Disturbed, Dinah recognizes the woman's voice as Barbara Gordon's, and warns her League not to engage her. When she herself is attacked, she marvels at how strong Barbara has become, and demands to know just what happened to her. Angrily Barbara demands to know the same thing, pointing out that Dinah has taken up the mantle of the Demon's Head, and overtook the League of Assassins.

Dinah responds that she took over the League of Assassins in order to destroy it. Ra's al Ghul had not cared about the men who served him. Every member of the Red League is a woman Dinah rescued herself from those who enslaved and abused them, and they serve only justice now. Tired from fighting each other, both women collapse, and Dinah wheezes that she searched for her friend for years. The woman she sees now is not Barbara Gordon - and she is not who Barbara thinks she is. Barbara points out that she has evidence showing that Paul Howe III is an upstanding citizen, and challenges Dinah to provide proof of his corruption. Dinah holds up the data stick with the evidence therein, and insists that she intends to use it properly. Coldly, Barbara states that she will not interfere, in that case, and as she walks away, Dinah offers to let her join the Red League too. Barbara responds that she has plans for a league of her own.

When Dinah and the Red League make their way into the mansion, they find that Howe has killed himself rather than face judgment in this world. Fortunately, Dinah already sent the evidence to every news outlet in the city. His name, at least, will be tarnished. Dinah considers that if Barbara is back in Gotham, she and her Red League won't be needed there anymore, and should expand to other cities where their help is needed.

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