"Fight or Flight": This story is reprinted from Birds of Prey Giant #1.

Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice #1 is a chapter in the digital-first series Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of May, 2020.

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Synopsis for "Fight or Flight"

This story is reprinted from Birds of Prey Giant #1.

Black Canary wonders why Huntress made her rendezvous at the top of the Gotham Clock Tower, but she states it was Harley's idea. Canary thinks of Harley as a person she wants to trust but can't. As Harley states that the tower is a suitable place for their team, Huntress reminds her she's not even a member of the Birds of Prey. She then starts doing dangerous balancing acts off a gargoyle while stating she just wants to help and make up for her past.

As Canary asks her what she called them for, Harley tells them that she learned from a friend about the recent collapse of a hospital under construction in the city happening due to sabotage and not an accident as presumed, while Huntress states she won't be saving her if she falls. Surveying the hospital construction site, they find that it's crawling with heavily armed men and Huntress think mobsters might be involved.

Canary gets suspicious and asks Harley if she is lying, to which she answers no. As she tells them the plan for getting into the site, Canary finds that her two teammates have run off on their own. Harley knocks some of the guards out and gets saved by Huntress before one of them can shoot her. Canary soon arrives and tells them that their attack allowed the guards to call for backup. Huntress recognizes one of the guards as Prudhome mob's enforcer Charles Valentino and the team decide to investigate the cabin on the site.

After Canary breaks down the cabin's door, she finds a safe whose door she blasts open using her Canary Cry. They discover from the files inside that the construction is just a front for the mob's activities, but find themselves confronted by Poison Ivy. After Huntress points her crossbow at her, Ivy tells her to put it down and gets angry when threatened. After getting punched, she expressed she has had enough and starts attacking them. As Huntress fights back against Ivy, Canary berates Harley, realizing Ivy was involved in her discovering the operation and dissociates her for the team.

As the Birds of Prey take down Ivy, Harley alerts them that the reinforcements for the mobsters have surrounded them. As the mobsters order to kill all the four women, they decide to put their differences aside realizing that Ivy had no hand in the operation and only got hostile because she was threatened first. After nearly all the guards get knocked out, Ivy stops choking the last conscious guard but gets dissuaded by Harley who states they have proof against the mobsters.

It turns out that Anderson Vickers was building the hospital to earn publicity while using it as a cover for reclaiming half of the Gotham Harbor under a corrupt land deal he had negotiated. This would also have negatively impacted the flora in the harbor which is why Ivy decided to expose him. Canary upon asking learns from Ivy that she only trusted them due to Harley despite thinking that directly contacting them might turn bad.


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