"Disguises": This story is reprinted from Birds of Prey Giant #1.

Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice #2 is a chapter in the digital-first series Birds of Prey: Sirens of Justice (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of July, 2020.

Appearing in "Disguises"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Dolores Bello

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Synopsis for "Disguises"

This story is reprinted from Birds of Prey Giant #1.

Harley rushes past a crowd of people on the streets and cars on the roads, telling them she doesn't want to be late while remembering her life when she was the psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel. She reaches a restaurant where she meets her old friend Dolores Bello, who's really happy to meet her. Harley finds out that she has become a famous author and motivational speaker, but feels hesitant to answer when asked if she still works at the Arkham Asylum. A fan of Dolores rushes up to them and states her book made her life better. She then asks Harley to take a picture of them, believing her to be Dolores' assistant and she acquiesces, despite getting an urge of attacking her.

Dolores states that's how her life is and she has a lot of fans, leaving Harley saddened and causing her to say how unlike her parents who must be proud, she doesn't talk to hers about her work. Dolores believes Harley is kidding, since she was always the best in studies among her classmates and should author a book since she must have intriguing patients at Arkham. As she states she doesn't, she hears a stockbroker gloating about telling a client to stop wasting his time over advice about stocks during a decline in the stock prices as he only cares about earning more, which leaves Harley having violent thoughts about attacking him.

Dolores starts believing that she thinks her as inferior when she finds her distracted and starts crying, stating she is barely keeping it together under the pressure of her work, failed in her college exams and only became a successful author by fluke. She had no boyfriend or even any friend and had to keep stalking her online so she would have lunch with her. Harley then hears a customer complaining about his steak not being medium-well and experiences an urge to attack him. Dolores upon finding her distracted again thinks she's ignoring her since she's always been who she is while she is a fraud.

Harley tells Dolores that unlike what she thinks, she only put up an act when she was in college and advises her to be her real self, stating she can be successful this way. Dolores thanks her and states they should meet more frequently, leading Harley to state that she won't think so in 5 minutes. After Harley leaves, Harley proceeds to take out her anger at all the people she thought about attacking, before proceeding to rip away her formal clothes and showing her real costume, feeling free to be herself.

Appearing in "The Killing"

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Supporting Characters:

  • Yuri Roskovich


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Synopsis for "The Killing"

This story is reprinted from Birds of Prey Giant #1.

Huntress is after the Russian mobster Yuri Roskovich and states he will die today. The reason she's hunting down people he's working with is because her father was murdered by their kind. Now she's focused on Roskovich but her shot is interrupted by Deathstroke, who destroys her crossbow. She knew there was a bounty on Yuri, but not so much that Slade will come after him. The two battle for the chance to kill their target and Helena swings away after distracting the assassin with her arrows.

As the two rush after Yuri, he runs into a building and Deathstroke warns Huntress to not get in his way. She however utilizes this to blow the building up and Deathstroke threatens to kill her for costing him the bounty. Huntress states she is ready to fight again if he wants to and he lowers his weapon. Realizing she had already planned on killing Yuri this way, he commends her on the job and gets told he can take the bounty since she only wanted revenge against Yuri's kind. Slade however refuses and warns her not to interfere in his business again. She lets him escape as he's honorable and she has little chance of beating him in a duel.

She also reveals that Deathstroke was right about her planning in advance about hunting Yuri, but he didn't realize that she wasn't trying to kill the mobster and he had hid in a hatch. As she opens it, Yuri berates her for acting like she was really after him, leading her to state that she had to make Deathstroke believe she wanted to kill him. Now that other mobsters think he's dead, Helena states he can now freely testify in court against organized crime figures. Yuri states he will for the sake of his son, with Huntress thinking he deserved a chance at reformation like his mobster father who wasn't evil.


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