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Birds of Prey was a short lived television series that aired in the United States on the WB Network from October of 2002 until February of 2003. The series was loosely based on the Birds of Prey comic book series, but took place in an alternate future reality. A total of thirteen episodes were created for the series, with a two-hour series finale which attempted to tie together all of the existing plotlines.

Principal Cast[]

Character Actor
Huntress Ashley Scott
Oracle Dina Meyer
Dinah Lance Rachel Skarsten
Jesse Reese Shemar Moore
Alfred Pennyworth Ian Abercrombie
Harleen Quinzel Mia Sara


Season One[]

Episode Date
"Pilot" (and unaired pilot) October 9, 2002
"Slick" October 16, 2002
"Prey For the Hunter" October 23, 2002
"Three Birds and a Baby" October 30, 2002
"Sins of the Mother" November 6, 2002
"Primal Scream" November 13, 2002
"Split" November 20, 2002
"Lady Shiva" November 27, 2002
"Nature of the Beast" December 18, 2002
"Gladiatrix" January 8, 2003
"Reunion" January 8, 2003
"Feat of Clay" February 19, 2003
"Devil's Eyes" February 19, 2003


  • This universe is designated as Earth-203 in the Arrowverse, being revealed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.
    • The number likely comes from the year that; the series had ended; 2003.

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