"Girls Rules":

Black Canary holding her "Canary Cry Bomb".

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Birds of Prey #9 is an issue of the series Birds of Prey (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1999.

Synopsis for "Girls Rules"

Black Canary holding her "Canary Cry Bomb".

In the European country of Koroscova, Black Canary finds herself at the end of numerous gun barrels belonging to the countries "Iron Brigade." She feigns surrender, then opens a Canary Cry Bomb flooring them all with it's sound, bemoaning that she used to be able to do that without electronics but must have "grown out of it." She reconnects with Oracle, whom she disconnected with for fear the Canary Cry would damage the transmitters, then has to make a run for it when a Koroscovan helicopter spots her. She dives into a lake to escape the pilot's view, with Oracle telling her the whole time that they're dealing with a time crunch.

After she surfaces, Black Canary hears Oracle receive an e-mail from "Beeb" and pumps her from information about her potential "cyber-romance," which she denies is anything more than a friendship. She arrives at her destination, Camp Brnsko, and picks a target with a "lotta bang and no blood" for Oracle to destroy while she warms up her gun.

In Washington, D.C., Lieutenant Providence tells Major Van Lewton that the previous person who has been using memory in their Cray's has accessed the "Whitehorse" satellite over Eastern Europe, upsetting him greatly. Providence suggests alerting "the Mountain" and is overruled as Van Lewton doesn't believe the hacker can arm the satellite.

Oracle confirms her target is clear, then fires a brilliant beam destroying the fuel tanks and beams. Black Canary is forced to cover her eyes, which makes her ask after Jason Bard, whom Oracle says is on a path to recovery as she destroys two further targets. Black Canary enters the prison, searching for her target, finding soldiers behind the first door she tries before Oracle gives her the correct cell number.

In Washington, the Pentagon has control of the satellite back but was unable to pin down Oracle's location. Providence suggests recruiting the hacker instead of hunting him, but Van Lewton would rather attempt to ignore the whole thing in hopes that no one else noticed.

The Koroscovan leader, Premier Vavlova, is awoken with news that Brnsko has been breached and the "subject" has escaped. The Premier orders a Strike Force into the air to destroy the camp, lest the "creature" get into the streets of the Capital.

Black Canary frees her target, Doctor Linus Popolynsklinov, who refuses to leave without another prisoner. Oracle warns her that they're going off mission, but she follows anyway, and "Doc Pop" leads her to a door where he inputs a code to allow them access to a room with a large tank holding Guy Gardner.

Appearing in "Girls Rules"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Linus Popolynsklinov (First appearance)


  • The Iron Brigade
  • Premier Vavlova (First appearance)

Other Characters:




  • The tagline for this issue is "Saving Private Dinah", a reference to the film Saving Private Ryan.


  • This issue and the next two (# 10 and # 11) all begin with the Koroscova Iron Brigade yelling and introducing themselves.

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