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"Progeny, Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet": In a flashback, Bradford Thorne, before he became the Crime Doctor, was performing a surgery on a man named Mr. Tuckett. Thorne wanted Tuckett to die, but at the same time wanted to save him, but ended up failing to do so.

Birds of Prey #95 is an issue of the series Birds of Prey (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2006. It was published on June 21, 2006.

Synopsis for "Progeny, Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet"

In a flashback, Bradford Thorne, before he became the Crime Doctor, was performing a surgery on a man named Mr. Tuckett. Thorne wanted Tuckett to die, but at the same time wanted to save him, but ended up failing to do so. Later on, Thorne offered Katherine Wheyhall, a nurse in the hospital, flowers and asked if he could talk with her. However, Thorne ended up tying the nurse to a chair and gagging her mouth before killing her with a scalpel.

In the present, the Birds of Prey arrived at a room where they encountered Prometheus and the Crime Doctor, standing over Lady Shiva's unconscious body. Prometheus was about to execute the Crime Doctor, who urged the Birds of Prey to save him.

In Southeast Asia, Dinah Lance was drawing hopscotch squares for Sin. Dinah had just single-handedly beaten a small battalion of guerillas, who also had a tank. Dinah taught Sin how to play hopscotch.

Meanwhile, the Birds of Prey were about to fight Prometheus when Oracle begged Huntress to flee as the woman in the wheelchair believed that her teammate could not defeat her adversary. Huntress refused and ordered Lady Blackhawk and Gypsy to go back to their car, which Zinda refused and opened fire on Prometheus, who dodged the gunfire. Prometheus responded by throwing his electrified nightstick at Zinda. Helena managed to stop the nightstick from hitting Zinda, by shooting crossbow bolts at it. Barbara informed Gypsy that she had located the frequency that Prometheus' helmet operated on and that she could hack his security measures, but needed her to stall him.

Back in Southeast Asia, Dinah asked Sin to get her mother.In a flashback, Lady Shiva asked Dinah to become her apprentice. Later on, Lady Shiva would send Dinah letters with handwritten messages every week. Dinah accepted Shiva's offer, believing that her new master would fill in for her in the Birds of Prey, that she would not be allowed to kill, and that she could do good in the world.In the present, when Sin's mother arrived, Dinah announced that she would be leaving as she did not wish to train under her anymore. The two got into an argument, which turned into a fight in which Dinah was the victor. Later, Dinah got on a phone where she asked Oliver Queen to do her a favor.

While the Birds of Prey kept Prometheus occupied, Barbara attempted to hack into his technology, but due to the feedback mines in his technology, Barbara's equipment exploded. Eventually, Huntress was able to gain the upper hand over Prometheus by punching him in the groin, giving Gypsy the chance to attack him with his own nightstick. Prometheus got up and reclaimed his nightstick. Suddenly, Prometheus was distracted when Thorne killed himself by thrusting a scalpel into his own throat. Prometheus insisted that he no longer had quarrel with the Birds of Prey and left. Gypsy noticed that Shiva had disappeared from the room.

The next night, at the hideout of the Birds of Prey, Gypsy and Huntress informed Oracle that Shiva had carved a message on their car hood that read, "tell the Canary I release her." Next, Zinda came up in the elevator with Dinah, who had returned from Southeast Asia. Dinah had brought back with her Sin, the girl whose mother she trained under in Southeast Asia, and announced that the girl would be staying with them for a while. Dinah informed them that Oliver had helped her leave Southeast Asia. Barbara protested the idea of taking care of a young girl such as Sin. While the team argued amongst themselves, Sin wandered off to the rooftop. Dinah rushed up to the rooftop and found Sin standing on the ledge. Sin announced that she had finally learned the purpose of hopscotch. Dinah rushed up to the girl and embraced her. Elsewhere, Ms. Dessler, the case worker of Bradford Thorne's daughter, Bethany, was telling the girl that they would be able to place her in a new foster home after her school day ended. Suddenly, three girls approached Bethany and harassed her. Later, Bethany was approached by Lady Shiva who offered her a "job opportunity."

Appearing in "Progeny, Finale: A Cup of Kindness Yet"

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Other Characters:

  • "Mother"
  • Mr. Turkett (Only appearance; dies) (Flashback only)
  • Katherine Wheyhall (Only appearance; dies) (Flashback only)
  • Ms. Dessler (Single appearance)
  • Richard Dragon (Mentioned only)
  • Bronze Tiger (Mentioned only)
  • Superman (Mentioned only)



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