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"Together Again": Black Canary and Condor have been kidnapped by a gang of terrorists belonging to Basilisk, and it was only with Strix's help that [[Barbara Gordon (Prime Eart

Quote1.png No one will ever overlook me or look down on me again for being merely human. I'll have the power... the power to keep humanity safe from your kind. Quote2.png

Birds of Prey (Volume 3) #24 is an issue of the series Birds of Prey (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2013. It was published on October 16, 2013.

Synopsis for "Together Again"

Black Canary and Condor have been kidnapped by a gang of terrorists belonging to Basilisk, and it was only with Strix's help that Batgirl survived the attack. Unfortunately, she didn't come to until the chopper carrying their friends away was nearly out of sight. Now, she and Strix are on their guard as a man appears on the roof with them, claiming to be a friend working for a mysterious benefactor. Batgirl recognizes him as a former detective on the GCPD - a man her father had trusted. The man claims that his benefactor's organization is tracking the chopper, and that they have another aircraft waiting to follow. He takes the pair to Gotham International Airport, where Captain Garcia waits to fly them wherever they need to go. Despite Barbara's suspicions, the man insists that they follow the chopper. They will meet their benefactor after they return. Begrudgingly, Barbara accepts, and boards the plane.

Black Canary woke in a Basilisk lab to find that her powers won't work, thanks - apparently - to the fact that her husband Kurt is being kept in there with her. What is most disturbing about it, however, is that she thought Kurt was dead, and that she had killed him. Turning, she sees Regulus standing over her, and realizes, finally, that the leader of Basilisk is, in fact, Dean Higgins - an old partner from Team 7. Readily, he admits that he was once Higgins. When Dinah destroyed Gamorra Island with her Canary Cry, he had struggled to escape, and found himself trapped in a room with Kaizen Gamorra. When the sonic scream merged with the psychic amplification of Kaizen's minions, Higgins and Kaizen were merged into one entity - Regulus. He escaped Gamorra and took over Basilisk, intending to put a stop to the danger of metahumans that he saw first hand. Seeing the look on her face, and knowing she thinks him insane, Regulus offers a choice: serve him and be with Kurt, or refuse and die apart.

Nearby, Tsiklon wakes Condor from his forced sleep, removing his helmet for him. His aggressive reaction doesn't phase her, and she warns that his companions are otherwise indisposed. Black Canary is now Regulus' plaything. She drags him through the Basilisk facility, having begged for the chance to let Ben make amends for turning on them. He notices that a number of civilians have been kidnapped for Regulus' purposes. Though he is verbally abusive to his former team members, they are dismissive, and make fun of his new costume and codename. Despite that, Ben still feels sympathy for Uplink, who has been hospitalized after over-exerting herself during his and Dinah's capture.

Dropping clumsily from their plane, Batgirl and Strix begin infiltrating the Basilisk compound, hoping to jam the security cameras and get them deeper inside. They are surprised, though, when they discover that the compound seems to primarily be a holding facility for civilian prisoners. Though she can't simply let them remain captive, Batgirl knows that freeing too many of them will give their presence away, and compromise their chances of finding Condor and Canary. Batgirl stops suddenly when she hears Condor's voice, and wonders if his companions really are his ex-teammates. Hoping to hear more, she follows them.

Dinah insists that she will take Kurt out of this place, but Regulus warns that Kurt is his key to "saving" the human race. He has been learning to control Kurt's brain, using it to block Dinah's powers. Angrily, Dinah attacks him, as he gleefully boasts that with control of Kurt, he'll be able to turn off all super-powers permanently, and then turn it into the ultimate weapon.

Batgirl is still unsure of Condor's allegiances, until he notices her watching him and leads his former team to catch her, announcing that it's time for round two.

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