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"Expectations": With all of her friends from the Birds of Prey returned to their otherwise normal lives in Gotham City, Strix remains behind in on Mother Eve's barge, knowing that she cannot fit in lik

Quote1.png You were meant to fly, ladybird. Free as the air. I'd do anything... to make you happy again. Quote2.png

Birds of Prey (Volume 3) #32 is an issue of the series Birds of Prey (Volume 3) with a cover date of August, 2014. It was published on June 11, 2014.

Synopsis for "Expectations"

With all of her friends from the Birds of Prey returned to their otherwise normal lives in Gotham City, Strix remains behind in on Mother Eve's barge, knowing that she cannot fit in like they can, and - Eve suspects - feeling ill-at-ease with her, now that she is in the body of a child, rather than an old woman. Cautiously, Eve approaches Strix and suggests that today's technology could give her the power of speech - albeit, not her real voice. Strix seems reluctant, so Eve backs off, explaining that the opportunity will be there for her, whenever she's ready to take it.

Dinah, meanwhile, is attempting to support her husband Kurt in his physical rehabilitation, though he doesn't remember her as his wife, because his life was restored by just one drop of fluid from a Lazarus Pit. Though he has got used to her presence, he finds her presence troubling, and instead of reaching out like she would expect him to, he is pushing her away. He responds that he doesn't know the man that she used to know. Whatever their relationship was, it's gone. She looks at him with expectations for things he can't give her, and it's suffocating him. Sighing, Dinah takes her leave, promising to check in on him in a few days.

On her way out, Dinah encounters Ben Reyes, who waited for her. She thanks him for his help in saving Kurt's life during the battle with the League of Assassins on Eve's barge. Ben had actually begged Ra's al Ghul to have Kurt killed, but changed his mind at the last moment - but he keeps that to himself. Even so, he promises to be there for Dinah if she needs to talk about it. Embarrassed, Dinah comments that she's a mess that he doesn't need in his life. Attempting to lift her spirits, he announces that he has something exciting to show her. He had had to relocate his workshop after it was trashed by Tsiklon, so he took over the top floor of an old office tower that had been gentrified. After a quick drive, he welcomes her to the new Condor loft - and that's not even the surprise.

After getting into their uniforms, he unveils a device that he had designed by a tech-genius that he liberated from Basilisk. The man used the same tech that harnesses Condor's telekinesis into a device that harnesses the Canary Cry into a set of wings that will let her fly. After charging them up with a quick scream, they go for their first flight, and Dinah is genuinely amazed and exhilarated. Seeing her smile, Condor remarks that he would do anything to make her happy. She's taken aback by the admission, but a call from Mother Eve interrupts their moment, and they head to her barge.

Later, Mother Eve explains to the Birds that a man named Amadou Mambety - a man of her bloodline - has been taken hostage by a violent Congolese warlord called Nkonga, who controls a group of renegade Basilisk members, remaining since Regulus was defeated. While Batgirl plans their attack with Eve, Dinah takes Condor aside and inquires whether he still has contacts with the NSA. He admits that he does, and she responds that she needs a favour from him.

Afterwards, they prepare to leave, and Dinah makes excuses for Ben, who has gone to make good on the favour. Batgirl notices the wing-device on Dinah's back, and warns that if she was given them by Condor, it's unfair of her to lead him on. Dismissively, Dinah responds that he's an adult, and knows what the situation is.

Upon arriving in West Africa, the Birds hurriedly work their way through Nkonga's men in the hopes that they will get to Mabety before the warlord can react. They fight their way to Nkonga's hideaway, and warn him to give them Mambety, but he fires on them instead. His efforts are cut short when Strix thrusts her sword through his chest. Angrily, Batgirl complains that they aren't supposed to kill - even when it's scum like Nkonga. In resonse, Strix gestures to the scene behind her, where Mambety has been chained to a post in a field littered with land mines. Unfortunately, it won't be as simple as plucking the man from the air. The mines would still go off. So, Batgirl plans to have Ben use his telekinesis to create a barrier to protect Mambety from the explosion. He responds, though, that he needs Dinah close to him to augment his powers. This is the first Dinah's heard of this, but all the same, time is running out, so she activates the mines with her cry while he shields them all.

Despite the resulting explosion, the plan is a success. As Batgirl struggles with Mambety's chains, she is surprised when a hammer comes down hard, breaking the chain. Looking up, the Birds are surprised to see that they've been joined by the Suicide Squad - and they've come for Mambety.

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