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Bird was a member of Bane's gang and was instrumental in helping Bane in his efforts to become the new crime lord of Gotham City.

Bird owned a pet falcon which he named Talon.

Bane first met Bird during his time in Peña Duro, where Bird was also an inmate. Bird taught Bane how to read and he also told him about Gotham City and its famous vigilante. Along with Zombie and Trogg, Bird was instrumental on Bane's breakout from Peña Duro. As a result, they also escaped with him and went to Gotham, to capitalize their crime empire.[1]

During the planning stage of Bane's master goal, Bird was usually looking over Batman during his missions in order to learn Batman's strategies and movements. He was present when Batman captured The General[2] and also when Batman faced Amygdala and The Ventriloquist, but he was discovered by Robin and was forced to fight the youngster. After the fight, Bird moved on to look Batman confront Mr. Zsasz at a girl's school,[3] while informing Bane about Batman's activities.

Bird followed Poison Ivy and he summoned Bane after she made her move. Bird was at the Gotham Civic Center along with Bane, who recognized Bruce Wayne as Batman at the first sight. Bane told Bird to keep an eye on Poison Ivy and Bird followed her to an abandoned warehouse where Batman defeated her, while Bird kept Bane informed about the whole events.[4]

A few days later, Bane sent Bird, Trogg and Zombie to finish off Batman after his encounter with Joker and Scarecrow. Bird was Batman's last opponent and he used Talon to lure Batman into a trap and beat him to a pulp. With the last bist of energy left in him, Batman defeated Bird and left him unconscious.[5]

Bane's Criminal Empire

Shortly after Bird's encounter with Batman, Bane defeated the Dark Knight and his rise to the power started. Bird, Trogg and Zombie started a rampage over the city to eliminate competition and recruit more members to Bane's crime empire, as they were commanded by their boss. They even tried to recruit Catwoman, without success.[6]

Bird, Trogg and Zombie were sent by Bane to verify the supposed threat of a new Batman and the three of them were brutally defeated by the new Dark Knight.[7] They were arrested and locked away by the police and each of them were interrogated about Bane's activities, but none of them revealed anything. They were soon sprung out of prison and they thought it was all part of Bane's plan, but when they told their boss about their escape, they were once again attacked by Batman, who was responsible for releasing them and used them to locate Bane's hideout.[8] Bird, Trogg and Zombie were soon recaptured by the police and they couldn't break out since their leader, Bane, was captured shortly after.[9]




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