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Birgit Eisenmmann was a German scientist and a firm supporter of the Nazi Party, who in later years became a scientist working for the United States Government, although misusing funds for her own private projects.

Birgit was born in Germany, daughter to a Nazi war criminal. They were prisoners of the British forces in Germany and managed to flee to America with forged documents. However, the authorities captured Birgit's father and he died of a heart attack during an interrogation.

Birgit's son, Curtis was born before they reached America, but she was never concerned about him. Once in America, Birgit became a member of the CIA as one of the main space scientists.

She worked for the US Government for years, developing technology based on the concept and ideas of her Nazi father. Eventually, Birgit developed the "Marauder" suit; a robotic piece of engineering which allowed any person to fly across the skies and create some damage with extraordinary weapons; using money from the US government, unbeknownst to any authorities.

Her son, Curtis, became the first person to use the Marauder suit after he suffered a terrible accident. Birgit used Curtis as a test subject for her suit and for the improved version, the Marauder II. Her main objective was to capture the vigilante known as Batman and force him to copulate with her in order to create the perfect offspring.

Birgit believed in the Nazi concept of racial superiority and she was immensely attracted to Batman, due to his athletic nature and peak level intellect. She deemed him as a worthy human being with whom to have children. Unfortunately for her, Batman didn't share her beliefs and her affections were in vain. Furthermore, her infatuation with Batman caused Curtis to turn against her for never showing him that kind of affection. In the final confrontation between Batman, Curtis and Birgit, the secret laboratory was blown to pieces and she died within the place.


  • Decelerated Aging: Birgit managed to maintain a perfect shape and remained fertile even in her later years in life. Whether this was a natural ability or was somehow achieved with science, remains unknown.




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