Comet the Super-Horse is the pet horse belonging to Supergirl. He was a horse who had superpowers but did not hail from the planet Krypton. Comet telepathically told his origin to Supergirl. Born as Biron a centaur in ancient Greece. The witch Circe gave him a potion to turn him fully human after he stopped an evil sorcerer poisoning her water, but instead it turned him into a full horse. Circe was unable to reverse the curse but instead gave him superpowers, and made him immortal. The sorcerer trapped Biron on an asteroid in the constellation of Sagittarius.

When Supergirl's ship passed it broke the mystical force field, which allowed him to escape. Comet met Supergirl and they became close friends. Whilst on a mission with Supergirl on another planet, he is given the opportunity to turn into a human, but only while a comet passes through the solar system. As a man, he adopted the identity of "Bronco" Bill Starr, a rodeo star whom Supergirl fell in love with.


The witch Circe cursed Biron the Centaur that changed him into a horse. But with a few side effects as he was granted great powers as well


  • Not being from Krypton he is unaffected by Kryptonite and red suns.



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