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The human scientist known as Bishop is the founder of AVA Corporation and the creator of AVAs in a possible future.

Bishop was born in late 22nd century in a possible future where humanity's greed almost caused the destruction of Earth and its own annihilation.[1]

Due to his impressive genius intellect, he became a pioneer in bio-engineering, discovering the secret of cloning: he founded the technology company, AVA Corporation, based in Vancouver that began producing the Advanced Variant Automation, the "perfect woman"; by the year 2213, the AVAs were being used for various purposes, including military industry: these clones were so efficient that even the time-traveler Rip Hunter enlisted some of them for his Time Bureau.[2]

However, despite being a successful businessman, Bishop desired to recreate a new kind of humans which would have been enhanced by alien abilities. Along with his faithful AVAs, he somehow went back in time, reaching Earth-Prime, where he made a pact with the Necrian mercenary, Kayla, to kidnap several warriors from all the history, including the head of the Legends, Sara Lance, in order to use these valiant humans for his experiments.[1]

Bishop and his army of AVAs chose planet Pliny X19 as their base where the scientist also experimented on an abducted Amelia Earhart, fusing her with an alien creature.[3]

Soem time later, after Sara Lance escaped from her imprisonment in Kayla's spaceship, she hijacked her spaceship and fell to Pliny X19; there, she met an "upgraded" Amelia Earhart who poisoned her to death. Bishop found a dying Sara[4] who later died but he was able to brought her back to life through the use of his cloning technology.[3]

Bishop welcomed Sara on his ship, telling her his background history and explaining the reasons behind his masterplan. Sara Lance was not convinced by his words so she tried to run away from Bishop's base but was captured by the AVAs; the former assassin was eventually able to escape and murder Bishop by snapping his neck.[1]

Later, the mad scientist reappeared before Sara,[1] explaing her that he was, in fact, a clone and his technology allows him to resurrect himself each time he dies. As Sara decided to dinner with him, the base was invaded by Mick Rory and Kayla who were trying to rescue Sara: Bishop was forced to shut down the oxygen force field to kill the invaders and, as a consequence, some of his faithful AVAs.[3]

Upon learning about Rory's presence, she asked Bishop about his friend's whereabouts: as Bishop told her that he was dead, Sara assaulted him and almost killed him. The Legend dragged him to his experiment room where Bishop revealed to her that she was a clone of the original Sara.[3]



  • Bishop was portrayed by Raffi Barsoumian.
  • Although it was never mentioned, Bishop was vaguely mentioned in I, Ava where his timeline first appeared.