Bismollians are a race of humanoid aliens from the planet Bismoll.


They all have the natural ability of Matter Consumption allowing them to consume any matter no matter how dangerous.

Bismollians were revealed to have been a group of genetically engineered humanoids who were part of a eugenics program to create superpowered beings undertaken by a species called the Dominators. A Daxamite hero rescued the test subjects and relocated them to new lives on other worlds. The planet they were settled on was not suitable for outside organic life. The planets and animals of Bismoll were infected with dangerous bacteria which would kill a normal human. The metahumans however adapted to their environment allowing them to consume any matter available such as rock and other minerals.

By the 30th century, Bismoll was a populated and thriving world, with excellent relations with the United Planets government. Over time the planet developed a unique culture related to their powers. They had to create the Calorie Police who monitored the intake of the Bismollian people as in time they would devastate the planet. Bismollian cuisine is limited to the planet as any outside visitor would die on consumption of one of their favourite dishes.

Notable Bismollians consist of Tenzil Kem better known as Matter Eater Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes and Taryn Loy the Calorie Queen who was rejected by the team forming the Legion of Super-Rejects. She was able to convert her enegy in to superstrength.

Powers and Abilities


Bismollians can eat any substance in any amount at super-speed. To Bismollians ray-guns taste "good", iron chains are "like chocolate cake", prison-robot fingers are "just as tasty" as ladyfingers and polymeric fibers "taste like taffy". Certain space-jewels, however, while edible are not as favorable to the Bismollian palate and are an "acquired" delicacy.

Component Analysis: Bismollian super-taste buds can instantly analyze the compositions of various foodstuffs and even detect substances which are poisonous to non-Bismollians. They can determine the nature of various chemicals in substances.

Digestive Enzymes: Their power to eat hard objects, like steel, without having super-strength or invulnerability, stems from the Bismollian ability to produce a variety of digestive enzyme that act on specific substances, making them easier to chew and digest.

Metabolism Induced Super-Speed: Bismollians can metabolize food almost instantaneously, and if needed, they can consume tons of food in minutes. The explanation of this apparent super-speed is as follows: Bismollians don't normally possess super-speed but as soon as the digestion process begins, the matter consumed is immediately transformed into food energy by the Bismollian "stomach". That energy fuels the person to move at a faster and faster rate of speed, as long as the energy supply keeps coming. When the person stops eating, the excess energy is collected and stored, in concentrated form, in cells very similar to human fat cells. Over the course of a couple of days, this stored energy is micro-diffused out of the body through pores in the skin.


The Bismollians struggle to consume organic matter, due to centuries of evolution. They are able to consume it but it has a bad taste comparable to a human sucking on a battery.


Habitat: The habitat of Bismoll has all organic life contaminated with dangerous bacteria.
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen


Type of Government:


Level of Technology:


Cultural Traits:

Bismoll is also noted for its unusual government, which drafts citizens into office, and those that attempt to avoid service face arrest and possibly forcible induction to office. This practice was responsible for ending the career of Matter-Eater Lad, when he had to return home to be a senator.


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