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Roadrunner is a super-villain who deals illegal firearms through a high-end car dealership. Despite being disabled, he has high-tech robotic legs that allow him to run and spring through the air at great speeds. His operations are located in Gotham City and he's an enemy to Batman.

The Black Mirror


Rhodes first attracted Batman's attention when he was implicated in a murder involving employees of Sonia Zucco. Batman infiltrated his dealership, and Rhodes attempted to kill him in a car-crusher.[1] Escaping this death-trap, Batman takes down his henchmen and stops Roadrunner from escaping using his grapple gun. Roadrunner refuses to speak to Batman, so Batman breaks his robotic legs and drags him to police headquarters.[2] It's later revealed that he was not involved in the original murder, Zucco manipulated Batman into taking care of her enemies.[3]





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