Bizarress is a clone of Superwoman of Earth 3, created by Lena Luthor.



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Bizarress was one of many clones of super-powered individuals who had at one time used the name "Superwoman" who were created by Ultrawoman (Lena Luthor). Using Superwoman of Earth 3 as a template, Lena created a "Bizarro Superwoman", subservient to herself. Bizarress was Ultrawoman's primary lackey, alongside the unnamed shape-shifting Superwoman "metamorph". Bizarress started to gain some of Superwoman's memories and rebelled against her mistress by stopping the metamorph from killing the new Superwoman Lana Lang. Becoming Superwoman's ally in the fight against Ultrawoman, Bizarress recruited Atomic Skull in a last-ditch effort to save humanity from Ultrawoman's madness.




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