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Quote1.png Bizarro! Me know you total failure! Me know you never have hero inside! Quote2.png
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Bizarro is the "protector" of Bizopolis and the leader of the Unjustice League of Unamerica. He is also the husband of Loiz and the father of Boyzarro.

When the Unjustice League was "saving" Bizopolis from Metallo, a strange visitor arrived to their world and Bizarro engaged him on a fight. Their fight was interrupted by Metallo who just captured the entire League before Bizarro freed them to break havok on the city, returning it to it's original, disheveled state.

In that moment another visitor arrived and was immediately confronted by Superman, who made Bizarro understand that he was dangerous. Bizarro destroyed it, becoming infected by it and becoming Doomzarro; he flew to Bizarroworld and infected the planet, making everything cute and fluffy, anathema to the Bizarros. However, Bizarro's will and sense of decency were strong enough to resist Doomsday, and he flew to the sun to destroy the virus within himself, saving his world. He survived, and came back to his adopted world afterwards for Lois Lane's "hate".[1]

Bizarro was among the many Supermen of the multiverse who were kidnapped by the Prophecy to steal their powers, but they were freed by the Justice Incarnate.[2][3]



  • Indomitable Will: His will was strong enough to resist the Doomsday Virus' influence, which had in the past managed to influence even Superman.[1]



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