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Bizarro was Superman's "shadow self" from the inverse world.[1]

On his world, Kal-El was a beloved superhero and he and his brother Tal-Rho were wealthy celebrities. At some point he met and married Lois Lane. When they learned that Lois was pregnant the couple relocated from Metropolis to Smallville, where Tal-Rho fell in love with and married local bartender Lana Lang. Lois gave birth to twin boys Jonathan-El and Jordan-El.

Kal-El was largely absent from his sons' lives due to his work, which Jonathan especially resented. Shortly after the boys turned fifteen Jonathan revealed that he had inherited Kal-El's powers and became his sidekick. However, Jon felt unfulfilled in his life and fell in with Ally Allston and her cult. Kal-El became obsessed with stopping Ally and began using Kryptonite to enhance his powers. The prolonged use had severe psychological and physical side-effects, and drove Lois to leave him, taking Jordan with her. Tal-Rho attempted to reach out to Kal-El, but when he revealed that he and Lana had spoken to Ally and felt that her message made sense, Kal-El considered this a betrayal and ordered him to leave.

Ally and her followers; which included Jon, Tal-Rho and Lana, eventually seized control of the government. They revealed that there was a parallel world opposite to their own, and that Ally intended to merge the worlds together using a pendant dating back to when the worlds split. Kal-El tracked Lois, Jordan and Lois' father Sam to a hidden bunker where they had taken refuge. By this point the effects of the Kyrptonite had ravaged his body so much that his skin was grey and cracked, and his eyes constantly glowed blue with Arctic Vision, transforming him into Bizarro. He apologised to his family for never being there for them, and told them that he planned to steal Ally's pendant and take it to the other Earth, where he believed he could destroy it and prevent her from merging the worlds.[2]

He broke into the Department of Defense and fought his way past a squad of superpowered soldiers led by Lana to steal Ally's pendant, then donned a containment suit and travelled to Earth-Prime by burrowing underground.[3] Bizarro emerged on Earth-Prime in the Shuster mines below Smallville, Kansas. He was weakened by the X-Kryptonite in the mines[4] and had to slowly dig his way out, causing Superman to suffer seizures with painful headaches, intense visions and fits of rage.[5]

Dr. Faulkner accidentally freed Bizarro from the mines while trying to collapse them on John Henry Irons. Superman and Irons engaged him but he easily overpowered them both. During the fight Superman managed to split open Bizarro's helmet and saw his own face underneath. Superman and Bizarro both suffered a seizure at the same time and Bizarro took the opportunity to escape. He flew to the ruined Fortress of Solitude, stripped off his containment suit and said "Emoh".[6]

Bizarro attempted to destroy the pendant but was unable to. He had a seizure and saw Superman's home and family through his eyes. He flew to the Kent Farm and attacked Superman, and during their fight waves of energy radiated out of the pendant, pulling them together. Irons hit Bizarro with his Kinetic Hammer to break them apart and Bizarro flew away. For unclear reasons, he flew to Bolivia and stood alone in a salt flat. The military tracked his pendant and General Anderson dispatched the Supermen of America to capture him. Bizarro killed two of them and then had another seizure, allowing Superman to discover what was happening.

Superman and John Henry Irons flew to his location and attacked him. During the fight the pendant fell off and Tag Harris, the surviving member of the Supermen, took the pendant and escaped. Superman and Irons eventually fought him off, but Irons was left severely injured and comatose.[7]

Bizarro later returned to the mines where he murdered Dr. Faulkner, who he learned was one of the Earth-Prime Ally's followers. Lois Lane came into Faulkner's office as he was searching it, and he fled rather than hurt her. He tracked Ally down and attempted to kill her, but Superman stopped him and beat him unconscious with a fragment of X-Kryptonite, deducing that it was Bizarro's weakness.

Superman took Bizarro to another Fortress in the Badlands, where a hologram of his world's Lara Lor-Van was able to give Bizarro the ability to speak coherently. When he woke up, he told Superman that he needed to kill Ally before she destroyed everything he loved.[1]

Superman refused to tell the United States Army where Bizarro was, as he believed that Ally Allston was the real threat and any attempt by the military to capture Bizarro would just result in him killing the soldiers sent after him, so the military arrested him for treason and imprisoned him.[3] Superman managed to escape from prison with the aid of the Earth-Prime version of Tal-Rho, and they retreated to the Fortress. However, they were tracked down by General Anderson, who had used X-Kryptonite to give himself superpowers. Anderson used Kryptonite gas to weaken the Kryptonians, allowing him to overpower them and shoot Tal-Rho with Kryptonite bullets. The Lara hologram freed Bizarro so he could save her sons, and he and Anderson fought through the Fortress. When Kryptonite only made Bizarro stronger, Anderson deduced that X-Kryptonite was his weakness and repeatedly hit Bizarro with X-Kryptonite gas, weakening him to the point that he could snap Bizarro's neck and kill him.[8]





  • Pendant: (Formerly) Bizarro wore a glowing diamond-shaped pendant which he stole from his world's version of Ally Allston.[6] It is an artefact dating back to when his world split from Superman's and can be used to fuse a person with their shadow self to achieve godlike power.[3] Therefore it produces waves of energy when he wears it in the presence of Superman, which make them each temporarily stronger. It was retrieved by the United States Army during his fight in Bolivia with Superman and John Henry Irons.[7]

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the Arrowverse and is an adaptation of Bizarro. The original character was created by Otto Binder and George Papp and first appeared in Superboy #68.
  • Bizarro's speech is naturally reversed.
  • Bizarro is portrayed by Tyler Hoechlin.
  • Unlike typical depictions of Bizarro World, the people of his world have normal skin tones. His grey, cracked skin is a result of Kryptonite addiction rather than his natural complexion.
  • Jordan-El suggested that Jon-El should be known as "Superboy" when his powers developed. This suggests that Bizarro was known as Superman in his reality, although he is never referred to as such on screen.



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