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Bizarro is a duplicate of Supergirl created by Maxwell Lord.

The girl who would one day become Bizzaro started off as a Jane Doe, an unidentified girl from the coma ward and found by Maxwell Lord. Through surgery, mental conditioning, and DNA implants, the girl was transformed into an exact duplicate of Kara Danvers, better known as Supergirl. Among the conditions Maxwell programmed onto her were to hate and kill Supergirl. Due to this conditioning, the girl also developed a crush on James Olson.

The Supergirl look alike fought Kara, where she was exposed to traditional green kryptonite. However the radiation reversed her powers and cracked her skin, akin to traditional Bizzaro. After kidnapping James, the DEO synthesized a reversed variation of kryptonite in the form of Blue Kryptonite. After Bizzaro was stopped, she was left in the care of the DEO.




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